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Recommended Maintenance Schedule
All '93 to '95 RX-7s

These are our recommended intervals for standard maintenance of your RX-7. Proper maintenance and upkeep of your RX-7 will help keep it running longer and quite possibly save you money by preventing costly repairs. Some items in the list should be performed by a professional mechanic. If you are planning to attempt service yourself, please consult a service manual. We unfortunately cannot send instructions via email at this time for each of these items.

Engine OilReplace every 3,000 miles
Oil FilterReplace every 3,000 miles
Drive BeltsInspect every 30,000; Replace as needed.
Turbo Boost CheckInspect every 12 months. You should see 12psi on Primary Turbo, 10psi on Secondary Turbo

Air Cleaner 
Stock Air Cleaner ElementReplace every 30,000 miles
If Using K&N ElementClean and Oil every 15,000 miles

Ignition System 
Spark PlugsReplace every 15,000 miles
Spark Plug wiresInspect every 15,000 miles
Replace as needed.

Cooling System 
Cooling SystemInspect every 15,000 miles for leaks
Engine CoolantReplace every 30,000 miles or every 12 months
(whichever comes first)

Fuel System 
Idle SpeedInspect every 15,000 miles
Fuel FilterReplace every 30,000 miles
Fuel LinesInspect every 15,000 miles

Electrical System 
Engine Oil Level
Warning System
Inspect every 30,000 miles
Engine Coolant Level
Warning System
Inspect every 30,000 miles

Brake Hoses and ConnectionsInspect every 15,000 miles
Brake FluidsInspect every 15,000 miles
Replace every 30,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first.
Clutch Fluid LevelInspect every 30,000 miles
Brake and Clutch PedalInspect every 15,000 miles
Parking BrakeInspect every 15,000 miles
Power Brake Unit and HosesInspect every 30,000 miles
Disc BrakesInspect every 15,000 miles

Power Steering Fluid
and Lines
Inspect every 15,000 miles
Steering Linkages, rackInspect every 15,000 miles
Guides and Tie Rod EndsInspect every 15,000
Front Suspension Ball JointsInspect every 30,000 miles
Front Wheel BearingsLubricate every 30,000 miles
Rack Seal BootsInspect every 30,000 miles
Manual Transmission oilReplace every 30,000 miles
Automatic Transmission Fluid LevelInspect every 30,000 miles
Rear Axle OilReplace every 30,000 miles
Exhaust system heat shieldsInspect every 30,000 miles
Seat Belts, Buckles,
Reactors and anchors
Inspect every 30,000 miles
Drive Shaft Dust BootInspect every 30,000 miles

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